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Diagonal size In mobile devices display size is represented by the length of its diagonal measured in inches. Information about the number of pixels per centimeter ppcm or per inch ppi of the display. Browser Information about some of the features and standards supported by the browser of the device. Video FPS Information about the maximum number of frames per second fps , supported by the device while recording a video at maximum resolution. Width Information about the width, i. The L2 level 2 cache memory is slower than L1, but has a larger capacity, instead, which allows it to cache more data. Information about the height, i.

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Universal Power Tool Charger. Share your phone’s mobile data.

Sensors Sensors vary in type and purpose. In some processors the search in L1 and L2 is simultaneous. Storage Information about the capacity of the built-in storage of the device. The value in nanometers represents half the distance between elements that make up the CPU. The LED flash has a softer burst of light and in contrast 3v70 the much brighter Xenon flash, is used for recording videos as well. If your phone is in Airplane mode, the option to turn Bluetooth on will.

Connector type There are several USB connector types: CPU frequency The frequency of the processor describes its clock rate in cycles per second.


Acer Liquid E2 – Specifications

They increase the performance of the device allowing the execution of multiple instructions in parallel. Bluetooth uses various profiles and protocols related to faster exchange of data, energy saving, better device discoverability, etc.

Also See for V User manual – 51 pages Service manual – 58 pages. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these product manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

One of the main characteristics of the cameras of mobile devices is their resolution, which shows the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image. F18 universal metal thirty percent moonlight treasure box bluetooth keyboard. Bluetloth like L1, it is much faster than the system memory RAM. The cache memory is used by the processor in order to shorten the time bluetootg to access data and instructions that a frequently used.

Customers who bought this product also purchased Level 2 cache memory L2 The L2 level 2 cache memory is slower than L1, but has a larger capacity, instead, which allows it to cache more data. The capacity of a battery shows the maximum charge, which it can store, measured in mili-Ampere hours. Disable all wireless connections so you can.

Ignore / stop incoming bluetooth connect/pair requests – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Applies for devices in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped. Your cart is empty. Enter text from picture: There are different battery types and some of the most bluetooth used in mobile devices are the lithium-ion Li-Ion and the lithium-ion polymer battery Li-Polymer.


Don’t know if this would work, but try using some friends phone and connect to mediacenter, so when the other phone is gone from your home, mediacenter might remember that phone and stop sending you connection requests It shows the number of bits used for the color components of one pixel.

Acer Liquid E2 Duo V Specifications | Smartphone Zero

Loudspeaker Earpiece Stereo speakers. Pixel density Information about the number of pixels per centimeter ppcm or per inch ppi of the display. The higher the resolution is, the greater the detail of the displayed content.

List of some of the most common audio file formats and codecs supported standardly by the device. I run android 4.

The technology has several versions, which improve the connection speed, range, connectivity and discoverability of the devices. To simply turn on or off Bluetooth, open the Notification area and tap the Bluetooth.