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Even the AGP voltage is adjustable and the values for it is between 1. The purpose with doing that is the board will be less sensitive against shock etc, but to be honest how many of you have ever ruined a mainboard by hitting the corner to hard? All tests are performed using the same memory settings; DDR The overclocking gave a couple of extra hundred 3DMarks and also a whole lot of extra memory bandwidth. Once there, we find most of what an overclocker needs. This BIOS also has a section where the integrated components can be configured. The AGP voltage can also be adjusted, but here we only get to choose between 1.

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Just as with the other cards the magic number here was 3. When it comes to overclocking Oe and Albatron looks really nice, but unfortunately we had some problems with the Abit board which stopped us from running the MAXFSB test. We look at the the layout of BIOS and its s setting possibilities.

Then it is time to pack the boards again and try to give a sort of conclusion. No major problems for the coolers who fulfills the specifications, but those extra big and exotic cooling devices will have some difficulties. The overclocking with Albatron is very good, awesome actually.

Alioth PE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Unfortunately all of this was in the form of integrated features, almost all in any case. However this will not cause too much trouble as long as you use a standard heatsink that is attached to the plastic frame.

But to get maximum performance from these boards a MHz FSB CPU is aalioth, and those will have a less attractive price in the beginning, so that is maybe not a clever choice. The colour does certainly not affect the performance nor the layout, but who says no to a good-looking mainboard? You can also set at which processor temperature the board is supposed to shut the computer down, which could occur if the fan would break.


Abit BH7 wins this roundup closely followed by Jetway Alioth Pe, which we definitely recommends to those not too eager about overclocking. Next candidate is Shuttle AB48N.

i845PE Roundup

On the backplate we find the standard connectors for external units, audio and network. On the left side we have the same problem as aliotb the BH7, six capacitors. There are no hidden memory multiples, the DDR is the fastest option available to us.

A LAN controller from, unusually, 3Com, is the most exciting thing we find on the board.

Jetway Alioth PE

The boards we have been looking at differ a lot from each other what features and packaging concerns but the performance has been quite the same overall. Before we move on with the performance tests, lets check whether any of the boards use a higher FSB to get a performance advantage. We begin with the buffered memory benchmark which is the standard test in Sandra We compare the price to similar products and also the availability among retailers.

The ATX-contact is placed on the upper right corner of the board.

The fastest timings are 1, but settings that aggressive are rarely handled by any memory sticks. The fastest memory timings offered by AB48N are 1, and this is more than enough. Lets move on to the Max FSB test.


Jetway Alioth PE specifications

The 12v contact is situated so you have to twist it around very much to avoid it getting in the CPU fan. The stability is also affected by Vcore, which is adjustable between 1.

The differences are as expected very small. We have contacted Abit about this and we will update the review as soon as we get a new board.

File compression mainly depends on the memory bandwidth and because every motherboard is build around the same chipset, the memory management is quite the same. BH7 has five PCI-slots which compensates the lack of integrated features, you have the space to install all kinds of additional boards.

We were hoping to prove this in our FSB tests, but a higher power of some kind threw a spanner into the works. This is very appreciated, because some mainboard manufacturers have a nasty habit to include some audio-contacts on an external card.

As there is a great deal of competitive products based on PE, we find boards both more expensive and cheaper than BH7. Not the best we have seen from Abit, but a very good try.

Despite the fact that the target group might not be enthusiasts, we think the BIOS of the board has too few settings to motivate a higher grade.

Game test number two is Unreal Tournament and the previous results repeats themselves here with a little difference.