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This item is in stock and can ship today. Jun 19, Posts: What do the power lights flashing mean? I don’t want to use the PCI card as the head for one of the 23″ displays. But I’m reading the reviews and spied something on that page that gives me pause. DF, I take it this was with Never heard back from them.

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ATI Radeon 9200 Nc3 AGP 128mb VGA DVI S-video Graphics Card

This item is currently out of stock! How can I determine if this is the correct Video Card to order?

At least that’s how I read it when spec’ing the thing out. HDCP is a factor though. Although, it is from and things might have changed with drivers, etc.: How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it?

Triple Head on first generation AGP G5 / ATI Radeon 9200 PCI DVI->HDMI usable?

Flexible display configurations, a wide variety of industry-standard connections and MB of DDR memory ensure that the Radeon Mac Edition will support radeonn creativity in gameplay, multimedia and personal productivity applications.


I have so many files scattered all over the place already, and home networking situation only makes it worse, because I can never remember which machine a certain file is on.

How to identify what Hard Drive you have? I’d assume the card is going to be clocked at dvl, but for displaying movies it should be fine, right? This is something I’m going to give a try, and I’ll post my results in a week or so. Mon Aug 27, 6: Click here for details. Playing video was also choppy and made for an unusable experience.

Never heard back from them. ATI did not say why it didn’t work, but they “escalated” the problem to see if there was anything they could do.

OSX handles multiple monitors out of the box. I ended up returning theended up attaching a Mac mini to the third screen and am using Synergy to share the keyboard and mouse. I don’t want to use the PCI card as the head for one of the 23″ displays.

ATI Radeon Specs – CNET

What do the power lights flashing mean? Join our mailinglist and be the first to hear all about our updates and special offers! It also has two other HDMI interfaces.


How can I tell if my cinema display inverter is going out? Jun 19, Posts: I’m not doing any rotation on my displays. VGA run long-haul is out of the question. Having a problem installing OS X on my machine, Error “OS X could not install due to the voice recognition package that you downloaded”. This item is in stock and can ship today.

This item is New in retail packaging. This item can be returned for repair directly to the manufacturer after 14 Days.

ATI Radeon Nc3 AGP mb VGA DVI S-video Graphics Card | eBay

It feels like there’d be a performance hit. WLM will handle all other customer issues. Sep 18, Posts: It’s pretty heavily Mac, though.

What do I need?