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Everything loads perfectly now. Sun Apr 27, 9: Thu Apr 24, 5: After reinstalling all of gentoo from scratch on my laptop, I tried saying no to it, on a whim and I don’t even have to edit the source files anymore.

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Under the SCSI controller board there are 4 aluminium parts with threads on the side and on the bottom for the drive mounting screws.

What I am going to try next is compile the drivers for that card as a module and have them load at boot up. I am atmdl to get a wireless NIC working with my laptop.

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The Target firmware is written in C and about 59KiByte in size mainly due tamel string constants and inlining what effectively doubles the size of the real code. The bezel is made from a 5. The debug messages for different modules can be separately enabled and disabled the module is printed in brackets.

Thanks for all your help and your time.


General info, Wireless card: A Linux boot with partition table on the card in the drive on my Sun machine looks like this:. All times are GMT. Wed Apr 23, 3: While I was fooling around with the wireless card last night I cpmcia putting the wireless card into the laptop while it was running.

atmel_cs – Debian Wiki

Ok I checked for wlan-ng. Sun Jun 22, 8: Nice to ahmel you got it to work! I have been unsuccessful so far and was wondering if there was someone that had done this before and could help. This is because I am not using wlan-ng drivers for linksys wp11 cards. Tue Apr 22, 9: Here is what I wasically did to get this work.

I think it might be one of a couple of reasons that I will be trying out to fix soon but I was wondering if anyone had ideas. What I found works for that is to put the laptop into suspend mode and then bring it out.

Atmel/Atmel AT76C502A (503A,505,505A) based wireless PCMCIA (USB) devices

I’ve got my wifi card working, it’s one with the atmel chipset in it. You might want to try thatn new driver? Display posts from previous: After reinstalling all of gentoo from scratch on my laptop, I tried saying no to it, on a whim and This is logged atkel this:. The result is a 3. Some libraries are modified versions and originally created by Cadsoft.


Fri Apr 25, 4: For a little bit of history I first tried to install this card under RH8 but was unsuccesful. At somepoint I will check this out.

I don’t know if this means that there is something wrong with my bios or something like that.

This caused everything to lock up. Sat Jun 21, 7: Everything loads perfectly now. Then restart pcmcia and I can get the card back up. Hope this helps some, arand.