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Investigators said Spinale failed a field sobriety test and accused the taxi driver of coming to a stop on I Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Marchand Likely Out Saturday Vs. While the testimony says the teens set Meyer straight, she somehow became lost again and wasn’t seen again until her body, covered with bruises and abrasions, was discovered three days later, face-down in a shallow pool on the swampy grounds. What goes around comes around and if it is consequence that comes around then that’s the way it is – and if it is not then that’s the way it is too. Police arrested 52 people, many of them underage, on a host of alcohol charges.

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Click here to learn more. Providence VA honors 3 for work on behalf of veterans. Use the ‘Report’ link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. I am a big believer in Karma – if this girl “got off” as you claim she will one day have to suffer consequences for that.

One doesn’t even need to know anything about the case to realize ricknkim and mmarcia simply must have their own agendas. Cranston restaurant to celebrate opening with free pizza. Things have a way of coming back and biting you on the you-know-what – all your judgment is going to come back and get you – oh, most definitely.

Police identify bodies found near hurricane barrier. Of course I am not all powerful nor did I claim to be absolutely right – just stating my opinion on a board suited for that purpose! Michael Spinale was arraigned in Attleboro District Court Monday on several charges, including motor vehicle homicide, operating under the influence and speeding.


Who the heck paid off that judge? He had decided to open the house after learning his parents, who were also going to the football game, would be leaving early. Caron, however, will only have to serve three months in jail and another three months in home confinement with the balance of her term suspended.

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I have followed this story from the beginning and feel strongly that justice was not served in this case. That’s an interesting idea – I don’t agree though. Thanks for your eloquent comment. The felonies carry a mandatory minimum term of one year in jail and maximum of two and a half years.

She’s a very sweet, kind girl, and her family is suffering terribly for her right now. United States Postal Service workers are like ‘Santas behind the scenes’.

Attleboro man accused of striking 12 year-old girl with SUV; his third OUI | WJAR

Investigators said Spinale, 41, was drunk and speeding at about 1 drhnk. The Massachusetts State Police Department is investigating. The testimony came as Meyer’s family seeks damages from those it considers responsible for providing the King Philip senior with the alcohol she drank that night.

Pawtucket police hope new leads in cold cases are in the cards. Crunk with any topic you’d like – but there’s a big difference between saying something like “I believe this woman ggirl have been sentenced to more time because I believe every life is precious” than harshly judging and then arrogantly posting in such an absolute fashion as to how this should have been handled and what the facts were as only you KNOW them to be true.


Stark testified that Paige Zuzick called her and told her not to tell police that Brian Zuzick had procured the alcohol. I have seen it.

Perhaps you should read them again yourself. It may change your opinion. Drunkk many of our lawmakers are too busy passing legislation naming the official cookie of the state, people like Carson go free. Welcome to the discussion.

The poor victims ran in front of her car instead of choosing to cross at the crosswalk. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the victim. Even if she wasn’t drunk, 3 months after negligently operating a motor vehicle resulting in the loss of 3 lives seems rather light. Curious just how far your rental dollar goes in Boston?

Zuzick ended up never returning to King Philip, working instead with tutors to earn her diploma and not walking with her class on graduation night.