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Nothing pops out, but a quick search shows that other people have gotten your UPS to work. Thanks for any help! Arnaud Quette, the nut project leader, informed me of two other significant disadvantages with using nut-hal-drivers: I would ask for help on the NUT users mailing list: You should add multiple users if you are monitoring from multiple machines.

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My guess is that making the changes in:.

[Nut-upsuser] Powerware USB Issue

When I enter the command sudo upsdrvctl stop I get this response: Any other ways of using the for FreeNAS 9. So felix will be the master and garfield is slave.

This may be useful on hosts with multiple interfaces. I tried to follow your suggestions, but still no success, – until I realized that the USB cable was connected as well eventhough I tried to set up communication through the serial cable Joined Nov 6, Messages 5, Thanks Few clouds and showers.

Monitoring a UPS with nut on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

You have to grant access to nut user to usb device. I was not getting past this even with the helpful hints of others. Joined Nov 14, Messages 1, Thanks Thank you for the assistance, I have come back to this again and made some progress, but it is still not working properly.


Thank you for you help, been over this guide so many times but I had clearly overlooked some of the important comments.

Seems like its conflicting with the built in power management gnome as the ups info gets displayed through there. Last edited by a moderator: Also if I kill the upsd daemon before send a shutdown then the same thing happens.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the above nonetheless. Installing the nut package, should add the nut user and group. See the man page for upsd. I had a problem a while ago where hal was claiming the device before nut and preventing it from working right. See upsdrvctl 8 and ups. No such file or directory Any suggestions?

bcmxcp_usb (8) – Linux Man Pages

Show the output of: But then at the final:. I have exacly the same UPS but I have an error saying: You need to reboot so that group permissions get in effect.

I have a mustek powermust and I am trying to connect it by USB. Thank you so much.


Please advise where and what is the problem? It does support a command-line option to do that. Finally got it working.

SOLVED – UPS Driver for Eaton Powerware U | FreeNAS Community

Joined Dec 30, Messages Thanks Never did get around uusb getting a proper serial port on my windows machine. Was very usefull, hope you read my comment and thank you. I searched on some forums also and sombody said that there is maybe a fault in the netvision c file.