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This is because driving in Ethiopia is hazardous for someone who is not familiar with the city. These numbers are circled. Eid AL-Adha to our muslim brothers and sisters! Mini buses are not regulars in the airport. Amole accepted on all our platforms!! This is supplemented with proficient language communication skills. Amole accepted on all our platforms!!

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ETTAFamily – 10 months ago.

Buhe in Ethiopia is celebrated with great pomp. What we provide includes the following: Stay tuned for more info! Here are some of the most likely questions you might be faced with:.

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Thank you for the great work Daniel! For the longest distance covered by a mini buss a passenger will be charged less than 0. In honoring Holy Week Himamat and Good Friday Sikletmany Christian Ethiopians attend solemn and sacred church services throughout the country, fasting and praying in remembering the crucifixion of Jesus Acb every year. Eid AL-Adha to our muslim brothers and sisters! Although the airport is near to the center of the city, Addis cwb a large area and the hotel you might be staying at could be in any corner.

App available on iOS and Android too. Many 5 and 4 star hotels do have desks in the airport terminal.


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In addition it is also essential to know which cars are fuel efficient The cars and models widely available in Ethiopia are not known to most tourists.

There are quite a number of car rental services in the city, some who have as few as 3 cars available for rent while others own as many as hundreds. This enables us to charge less than other modes of transportation.

The problem however is that one has to know the cheapest car rentals what one agency rents for ETB per day can be found for at another service provider. While providing free information and advise to tourists who do not want pre arranged airport pick ups, at EVG we can handle this for you for no extra cost, with more options and additional services.

Thank you for the great work Daniel! Get your ETTA card and make seamless, cashless payment for your rides. At EVG we dpend on your comments and feedback to make our web page complete.

Wide varieties of vehicles: Please send us your comments or feedbacks at feedback evgethiopia. In our 12 years of experience in the field, there was no instance where we arrived late to pick buhhe clients. Request a cab to anywhere in Addis Abeba in minutes, call from any cell phone or landline. Named after Amole salt, one of the first forms of Ethiopian currency which originated from Afar; Amole plans on replacing all cash transactions in Ethiopia with easily accessible digital currency very soon!


ETTA Premium is vuhe new ground transport service that will be available for our esteemed customers very soon. The Ethiopian mentality Culture: Do not be shocked Embassies listing Ethiopia about Ethiopia beauties Ethiopia facts Flight schedules Guide and translation Heritage sites Historical attraction: Once you have selected the hotel of bkhe preference the hotels normally will arrange transportation for you.

This arrangement is advantageous in terms of saving money and comfort when you compare it to using taxi cabs.


Are you ready for Kistet? Jupiter International Hotel Addis Ababa. If he refuses agree to pay him 40 as he will surely agree to that.

Come enjoy the best cuisine in town Ghion Hotel. Do not jump in the first cab that you have come across to; try to talk to atleast 2 cab drivers and pick the one with lesser charge.