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Right now it is the construction. Freshman 3 months ago Overall Experience Report. As an African American I have come to realize there is not very much diversity or push for inclusion on this campus. Senior 5 months ago Overall Experience Report. Search for Schools by Region All Schools A jury has found Jesse Evans Jr. I like the small class sizes and personable professors.

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However, the downfalls of the school include its diversity.

I came to CNU with a positive attitude, and was determined to make it the best college experience possible. You’re all caught up. The David Student Union is nice as well and has a conservative look it houses one of the universities dining halls, regattas. It is a beautiful campus that I have heard so many great things about.

Crime Prevention Programming – University Police – Christopher Newport University

Most faculty members are highly invested in their students and take great care in preparing them for the future. But wait, funding got cut and instead of putting off that fancy new building they just fired all the non-doctorate professors, so unfortunately you won’t be able to get the classes you want or need, or indeed any classes at all relating to your major. The Campus looks nice. This school has no regard for its students, all it cares about is looking good and making money. All for walking to his dorm with a.


Freshman 6 months ago Overall Experience Report.

Fowler refused to submit to either a field sobriety test or a breath test, and insisted that he talk to a lawyer and his father, said Newport News Police Officer Ryan Bonacci, who interviewed Fowler after the accident. But Clancy said that Fowler – who was in tears during a break in the proceedings – is “very sorry” about what happened.

When I first got there, I tried to be as friendly and outgoing as possible, only to find that people reciprocated with a snotty, off-standish attitude.

The occupants of a car Fowler had passed moments before on J. We have good news and we have bad news Bad news: Is this stereotype accurate? What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Then you get in. Evans’ blood-alcohol level was 0. Unfortunately I got slammed with an alcohol violation that landed me several hours of community service. Let me tell you about the so-called “party scene” at CNU.


It can mean an extra semester, or even an extra year here, in some cases. The food was never fully cooked at the dining halls which resulted in food poisoning and I had to resort to eating off campus. AIndividual Value: The screams of one of the passengers rang out behind her, she said.


Being here only a month, I have seen this incorporated in classes and everyday life. Alum 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. It is not worth it to drink in your room, period.


CNU does not like this. Evans is charged with two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and three counts of druni by DUI. What to do for a Successful Interview.

Other reviews have said that RA’s and Resident staff go looking for underage drinking in the dorms, and this is completely true.

The small campus size is perfect for not having to walk miles to class like some larger universities. In another instance a professor alluded to the fact that minorities score lower on entrance exams and if schools wanted more diversity they should lower test score requirements.