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The MS-DOS floppies will reformat the hard drive for you and will give you that option booting to them but a 3rd party partitioner may offer more options. Its basically a small solid state hard drive. The SCSI is a full height drive which is an older style and is taller then a more common 3. If your audio card comes with the Creative Advanced Signal Processor, the installation program will add the following statement before the two low level drivers. Display posts from previous: In situations where you don’t require the low level drivers, your system will not have the drivers loaded into memory. Be aware if its running it does eat some conventional memory.

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Was that analogy really necessary? Sun Feb 29, Optimizing Memory Usage 6.

Board index All times are UTC. I use Super Fdisk myself available here. For my sound card setup I went through several options before settling. This is the aspect of DOS that tends to get new users. This card is an headache. The SCSI is a full height drive which is an older style and is taller then a more common 3. If you have the most common 1. This results in some titles running far to dps or sometimes more subtle issues such as a game appearing to run fine but timed events dow in the background running to quickly.


Do a Google search and it should be findable. The degree of the bug varies from card to card but basically it created hanging or stuck notes when used in conjunction with a midi device either external via the midi port or internal via the waveblaster header.

Creative AWE64 ISA (CT4520) Sound Card

The case design is actually pretty convenient except for the screwdriver length issue. Throwing caution to the wind I decided to format the hard ct4502 and install DOS 6.

Though sometimes just starting the machine without the card once and then re-installing said card will make the problem go away – this goes for any card. This site uses cookies.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

You will almost defiantly need a 8 or 16 bit ISA controller card that can specifically handle these types of drives. If your having trouble figuring out how to install the drivers I can suggest this site.

Sun Nov 02, You can also use a ISA graphics card but they are generally slower and not as capable. We get all doss drivers loaded restart, run MEM command and…. Arena, a huge mem hog. Please refer to your DOS 6 user manual on how to create multiple boot sessions. Can some one point me a good link to download the ISO?

Unless its the only thing you have around I would not recommend using one. Its also useful to know how to access the BIOS to set boot order in case you want to use a 3rd party CD disk partitioner.


I should also note the top comes off as a separate piece to give access to the upper drives as well as the PSU. If you have a memory manager like QEMM or MAX, please refer to their respective user manuals on how to optimize the memory and load the drivers to the high memory. Ct5420 are those same drives with Interfaces up so we can see the difference.

In view of that, ch4520 drivers are designed to be able to load into high memory. I recently added this card to my setup so its not in the numbered internal pic located above. Just hit Enter here. After switching to the AWE32 I got the bug far less.

When your into DOS and at the command prompt which should be C: These cards are not very expensive, fairly powerful and were widely supported in the late DOS era.