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Close the front tray and remove any printed sheets from the paper output tray. Remove the toner cartridge and place it in an opaque plastic bag, then seal the bag with tape and place it in a sturdy box. Blank page The sealing tape of the toner Pull out the sealing tape. Genicom microLaser user manual User manual for the device Genicom microLaser Media Feeder Max Format. Use the following figures to plan for appropriate clearances when determining a location for your printer.

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Genicom MicroLaser 210 Supplies

Close the front cover, pressing on the center of the cover until it locks firmly in place. Push the envelope feeder all the way into the printer until it 2110, making sure it is seated firmly inside the printer. Unclip the retaining tabs on the end of the feed roll and nudger roll, and remove the rolls from their shafts. The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Do not dispose of the old toner cartridge in an incinerator or in an open fire.

Mucrolaser print the manual completely, please, download it. Genicom microLaser Size: Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. Push the green tabs on the sides of the duplexer toward the center of the duplexer, nicrolaser grasp the recessed areas on the sides of the duplexer and remove it from the printer.

201 Squeeze the latch on the top left of the rear cover to release the cover, then open the rear cover by pulling down on the top of the cover. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago. The control panel does not display an error code.


Cleaning The Printer User Guide Cleaning the Printer Insert the pegs on the toner cartridge into the channels inside the printer, and push the toner cartridge into the printer.

Media Feeder Max Format. Page microLaser User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Remove the paper tray of the feeder that you intend to clean and set it on a flat level surface. Use the following procedure to enter the PCL menu: Electrical noise may be transmitted through the AC line.

Safety Notes Be sure to switch off and unplug the printer before accessing the interior of the printer for cleaning, maintenance, or fault clearance.

Standard Configuration – microLaser The printer is available in the following standard configuration for table-top use: About the Envelope Feeder The Envelope Feeder is an optional single-tray feeder that attaches to the front of the printer. This chapter also lists the warning and error messages that appear on the control panel display.

Close the front tray and remove any printed sheets from the paper output microlasfr.

Close the retard roll cover. Lift the printer to remove it from the feeder.

Genicom microLaser 210

Safety Precautions User Guide Safety Precautions About genicoom Chapter This chapter reviews the contents of the printer packaging, explains the parts of the printer, and describes the space and environment requirements of the printer.

Page 74 microLaser User Guide Replacing Printer Microlaserr Release the metal stopper plate inside the printer so it returns to its normal position. If the main paper tray is in the extended position, remove the tray before opening the rear cover. Slide the pegs on the toner cartridge into the channels on the inside of the printer, and lower the toner cartridge into the printer.


Genicom microLaser user manual – – Solve your problem

Cleaning the Exterior of the Envelope Feeder Through normal use the exterior of the envelope feeder may become dirty or stained with toner. Envelope Feeder Holds a maximum of 75 envelopes or postcards. Pull on the recessed area on the rear of the offset catch tray to open the rear cover.

Cleaning The Interior Since there is always the possibility of damaging delicate printer components by careless- ness or vigorous cleaning methods, GENICOM recommends that you clean the interior only when you are instructed to do so by a service representative or in a troubleshooting proce- dure presented in this manual. Chapters Table Miceolaser Contents Space Requirements User Guide Printer Location Requirements Space Requirements A certain amount of space is required for proper operation of the printer and also for performing printer maintenance and replacing consumables.

Page microLaser User Guide Removing the Face Up Tray Place the holes in the left and right sides of the rear cover over the stubs microlaseer the inside of the printer, and slide the rear cover to the left.