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So it would appear that any attempts to get it working were doomed from the start. After banging my head against this a while longer, I thought I’d change tack and see where it led. Using cheap hardware raid under Linux is a bad idea. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. However I didn’t have to recompile the kernel. Is mdadm already included in Slackware

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Do not format nor partition using the ubiquity installer. Neither support that raid controller. I’m going to be dual booting and using thd fake raid for Windows. I must confess that while I do use several flavors of Linux including I have found that gparted does not work correctly for me.

[ubuntu] Ubuntu Install to Intel ICH10R RAID Guide?

Ty for your response, I lch10r not very familiar with raid, i just recently set this up. After 2 tries to get started on linux and each time discovering it’ll likely be thrice as hard as I thought it would be the time before an example.

This is not true hardware raid Using cheap hardware raid under Linux is a bad idea. This needs to be done manually.


View LQ Wiki Contributions. Another user reported this same problem.

ICH10R RAID support in Ubuntu

I could not set the raid set for boot in the BIOS. If you need to reset your password, click here. I’ve never attempted installing linux on RAID before. I just had to resize the Linuux partition on the raid 0 drives.

Thoughts on intel ICH10R hardware RAID 5 vs. software RAID 1?

Adding this file eliminates the need to remove the savedefault option from the menu. It wasn’t me who figured that out.

Here you must choose manual partitioning and tell Ubuntu to use the partions you set up during step I ended up choosing the automated installation and everything works fine now.

Also, install dmraid first, then the kernel, in order to use the initramfs scripts that are now part of the 6.

When a block on one disk fails a failure reaches up to the application level, currently it doesn’t try to read from the second disk.

Got it sorted when I stumbled onto this guide. Well, I consider the question answered. There is, however, no guarantee that the cached radi will be written to the disk, as the battery power may run out before system power is restored.


That said, I gleaned what I could, but was was stopped cold at the get-go: I’m happy to be moved. After banging my head against this a while longer, I thought I’d change tack lniux see where it led. It could be HW raid.

Boynton Beach, FL Distribution: Some of these had “no number”. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Tue Sep 09, 4: Best to copy them onto the same medium prior to installation. Ignoring this area interferes with fakeraid, so you need to enable the restriction by adding libata. With RAID 1 there’s no need to read existing stripes; it can perform the same write to both drives.