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Thank you so much for the tutorial. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I’m sure it’ll all make sense once I get something to replicate. ESXi Hypervisor Initiator side. Request a Product Feature.

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Request a Product Feature. To identify a network card, run this command: It is not clear how I would actually backup if my zvol got trashed.

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You might ksp2432-based need to refresh it. Hi Aran, I created an account so I could thank you for your post. Joined Mar 24, Messages 68 Thanks 3.

But its development still continues, so you should better keep your system updated to the latest stable build, especially if vmqare are going to use new functionality. However, from the stuff I’m reading, it also kind of seems I need to backup the zvol on the local machine first and replicate THAT over to the second FN?

NasProjects Newbie Aug 13, That’s where reading so much is just confusing me at this point. ESXi Hypervisor Initiator side.


Retrieving storage adapter WWN on esxi | Cliff’s Web

Chadd Jul 11, To request a new product feature isp432-based to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. Forums New posts Search forums. VSXi Newbie Feb 21, I can see those in the Snapshots tab.

Here is a short guide for anyone who is looking to set this up. For example, on nas01, I’ve created a periodic snapshot task for my esx zvol. Joined Sep 29, Messages Thanks isp2432-baeed Let us know if you have any questions.

I don’t have any VMware-Snapshot however. Whatever your cards uses.

QLogic Driver Download – Fibre Channel HBAs – VMware – VMware ESX / ESXi

The cable is like a freeway, the card is what you’re driving It is impossible to replicate dataset without snapshots, since it can change any moment.

This comes with a PCI-E 8x port. Snapshots are usually once we have a full backup right? To view native driver information, run the command: So far, I’ve had no luck finding the right details to make it happen.


So in case of restore you can get clients consistent.

Can’t wait to get them put in and test out. Joined Apr 26, Messages 90 Thanks 0. What can we do to improve this information?

Updating ESXi Fibre Channel HBA Drivers via VMware Update Manager

One thing I’ve not figured out nor found enough info about is why snapshots cannot be deleted. I’ll report back to see if following your methodology works for me!

Locate your device under PCI Info. This article did not 4b my issue.

The problem I’m having now is that the hard drives in my FreeNAS box can’t push enough bits to saturate the 2 fiber links.