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We’ll definitely have a better package for Columbus. We definitely feel like we’re right there. She was able to go back to school and received a degree from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, all while being able to put Christina in a daycare center. Strange to think how one day one man can have so much, and the next, how one family could lose so much and have so little. You must be logged in to post a comment. His success on the track did not follow him into his finances.

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Besides, Myers feels like he’s close to yet another win. March 20, at 9: Join prime To view in hi-res Slide show. Bryce, who has, for almost three decades, stood behind championship-winning NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles, confirmed he has tentative plans to resume riding. But Myers isn’t about to hang up his helmet at this point.

It was on Aug. Get Alerts Save Saved.

I know that’s nothing compared to some of the fuel drivers. It was neyers that day that John Myers, at the age of 40, left behind a legendary career, friends, admirers, and most importantly, his wife, Kerry, and his then month-old daughter, Christina. Bryce has six NHRA championships and 82 nationals event wins to his credit as a team owner, but as a rider, he has a lone win to his credit. The entire racing community had reached out and given back the nurturing hand to his family that he had given to the sport.


John Myers Dies in Accident

He’s not expected to run for a title if he does straddle one of the six-second rockets, but he says without hesitation he plans to have fun doing so. To this day, Kerry Myers is extremely grateful for all the help she received from the racing community.

I really enjoy the competition. It makes you work harder, that’s for sure. Myers hopes to use the adrenaline rush this season to meyesr a victory at the 34th annual Pontiac Excitement Nationals, June Motorsport Network Buy tickets Store. I told him that after he won his meuers championship last year.

Bryce and Myers were at Warner Robins Dragway [Georgia] where the future champion easily topped Bryce’s personal best. His success on the track did not follow him into his finances.

Remembering NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer John Myers – Dragbike News

He says he gets an extra burst of adrenaline every time he pulls on to the property at the famed National Trail Raceway. It should be a great weekend. I always look forward to racing there. Next article Warren Report: He says he’s got a combination with his Meyesr right now that’s tough to beat.

For the latest in dragster news worldwide, visit www. Heck, I was born in Columbus so it’s kinda like going home I guess. He’s also got a personal achievement mark that he wants to see remain in tact. I’ve never finished lower than second in the Winston standings and I’d like to keep that going this year.


Get Alerts Save Saved. I asked him to go with me to a local race to help me make meywrs motorcycle work as good as his did.

Remembering NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer John Myers

Myers, showing two semifinal appearances as his best efforts of the season, needs a win to boost his confidence in a season where the young stars of Pro Stock Motorcycle have been dominating. It was a case of Myers having his meyerss spirit for life being paid back to him and his family. For Johnson, there was no question of what he had to do.

An additional nighttime candlelight memorial service will be held at the AMA Prostar event in Indianapolis on August 15 at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. He’s having too much fun to quit now.