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If you like videos, iTunes, Internet surfing and typing, this computer is for you. I wanted something that I could carry around and not worry about the weight. Like any laptop or most of them anyway , the sound is going to be lacking on internal speakers. Right side view of ports view large image. For more information about the processor itself, please visit http: More information can be found at: To calculate 2 million places, this computer took 4 minutes 33 seconds.

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Kohjinsha SH6WP10A Tablet PC User Review

To calculate 2 million places, this computer took 4 minutes 33 seconds. The screen LCD is pretty thick so no ripples can be seen if you push on the lid.

The processor speed of the Kohjinsha is mhz. The other button is a kohjnisha control. The touch screen works great, I love sitting down, turning the computer into a tablet PC and watching videos. The battery is so small, once again you have to see it to believe it.

There is only one slot for memory, so the max you can put in is 2 GB. One has to see the size of it wieeless person because videos and pictures do not do this little computer justice.

Kohjinsha SH6WP10A Tablet PC User Review

When you hook headphones up to this, the sound really comes alive. More information can be found at: The computer comes with Windows Vista Home Premium, and unfortunately no discs are provided by Kohjinsha. I wirekess to Yodobashi Cameraa large electronics store, as I thought that would be an excellent choice to find a laptop. I really love this computer, aside from the few minor problems.


Right side view of ports view large image. On Windows XP it takes around ,ohjinsha second to boot up. Not a bad deal if I say so myself!

Really not bad considering this is only MHz. Visit our network of sites: This little computer can either be bought in white or black, both of them look really nice. I looked around for a while, shocked at the very expensive prices, but finally came to the little Kohjinshas.

For example, I was in class today and I started up iTunes to play some songs and many people could hear the songs that I played clearly outside I was on the 2nd floor with the windows open. I wish they would have made it so that the plug went in all the way, and then clicked in. The touch pad is very small, but is very responsive. What can I say about the heat and noise about this computer? I also got better reception on a lot of the signals plus I rarely got disconnected. On the LCD panel itself there are loads of buttons; including a direction pad, pointer, launcher, shutter, rotation, enter, scroll and mouse button.

It all depends on what you do with this laptop.

bg WLAN driver free download for windows – KOHJINSHA – SH Series

When you hold the laptop, you can kind of feel that this thing is really built quite nicely. When I saw this Kohjinsha laptop, I knew I immediately wanted it. Another example is when I was in class for 5 hours straight, I wire,ess wireless off, 2 notches down from full brightness, was playing iTunes, sometimes typing and playing a little video every once and a while, I got 5 hours of battery.


The only complaint that I have about the build is the AC adapter input. There is a partition on the drive that has a recovery function, although I would have preferred the actual discs.

Kohjinsha SH series laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a UMPC because this thing can be a regular laptop, then switch to a Tablet PC in a second. This computer is so small, it fits really nicely in just one hand. Since this is a Japanese machine, it will have Japanese placement, also some of the buttons are smaller than many people are used to, but the keyboard is very easy to use while taking notes and the keyboard is relatively quiet.