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We expect to be Win 7 Logo across the product line prior to the Oct 22 release. If you are interested in contact, just leave a note here I have alert me on and I will supply my email-address or send you an email if you supply yours. Thursday, February 11, 5: Office Office Exchange Server. If you were using the HID version the microsoft gestures such as flick, scroll, etc would be available as the screen would be supported as a digitizer. Keep in mind that you need a multitouch compliant Hardware in order to get really full and true Multitouch. Windows 7 User Interface https:

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Controllers prior to EX are not supported as they do not meet the requirements to support Win 7. It’s not a big thing to do, however without this it leaves those of us with legacy touchscreens very frustrated – as the 3m chap said, they’re now glorified mice.

3M MicroTouch Touchscreen Kiosk Drivers

Not very professional of 3M! In addition, the DSTDX system offers stylus independence and gives users the ability to interact with the touchscreen using virtually any object, including finger, fingernail, prosthetic, car key or other stylus. Don’t you think this is a really bad precedent to set?

Using the HID Digitizer firmware will allow the hold, gestures, and flick built into windows 7. At this point of time it would not make sense and too late to add you to a Beta testing group as the development should be finalized. Even if you manually start the tablet PC service and you fool the PC into believing you have a touchscreen, the machine will still read the touchscreen input as if it were a mouse.


Final update – an email I received today from 3M: Hope to here from you soon! This is the firmware that was tested to windows 7. It will just be great if it will all work out as it should.

3M Touch Systems © 3M 2009. All Rights Reserved. 3M ™ MicroTouch ™ Products Date.

Monday, September 21, 9: You will need to contact 3M support for these. Tuesday, September 29, 4: Sunday, August 9, Wednesday, October 14, 3: First – you CAN force windows to ‘believe’ you have a tablet pc device installed: I don’t know exact dates at this time, but i will update on our progress. And for that I think you’d have to monkey about with manually configuring the device manager class and so forth.

Tuesday, February 2, Sunday, August 9, 6: Hi Windows 7 does include the extensibility for touch enabled hardware, however the drivers and software to enable these functions are the responsibility of the hardware manufacturer.

Tuesday, November 10, You know, you just know, that companies all over the world are going to be creating touch devices made for windows 7 with terrible driver support. Monday, February 1, 5: Hope to hear from you soon.


We expect to be Win 7 Logo across the product line prior to the Oct 22 release. It seems Dave has left the building, also no news on the the 3M site for the official release date for the touch drivers: Both approaches do the same thing, one does it m7 our miccrotouch and the MT7 route does it in the software.

Sign in to vote. I’m just looking for iPhone style functionality, and that hardly seems like it needs some special driver. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

For existing users, who are dat the EXII based controller the best method for supporting windows 7 is to update our firmware to the HID digitizer firmware. Earlier I asked 3M microtpuch desk for an release date but Still no news Friday, October 16, 2: Hey all – I’m playing with windows 7 on my 3m usb touchscreen – but i’m having trouble getting it to behave like something other than a glorified mouse.