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Please let me know how you get along with the xmondrian. Minutes ago we finally managed to make it work, just to help others the main difficulties we had were related to: The XMLA protocol is heavy and exchanges a lot of excessive information — it takes too much time and memory to load and process the data. This may take a while, please wait. Github – Mondrian issue The Mondrian developer, in this thread, clearly state that nearly the whole documentation is outdated and doesn’t have much todo with the actual Mondrian 4 OLAP server. Since mondrian is an open source project, those great things will, likely as not, be dreamt up by someone else; my job as leader of the mondrian project is to reorganize things to make that possible.

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Mondrian doesn’t comply with the MDX standard completely. For my use i need a JavaScript-component.

It’s not particularly valuable to me but it’s also not of very high quality that’s why I’d zmla not share it. Spen 1, 2 19 Our tool allows you to transfer large multidimensional data super easily and quickly. When an object mpndrian registered, the lock box returns an entry object to the caller that contains both the string moniker and the object itself. It has no concept of users and passwords, because it assumes that the enclosing application is performing authentication, then mapping authenticated users to roles.


Hi Roland, I have installed older versions of mondrian, and able to open the page http: The entry is the key to a WeakHashMapso when the client forgets the entry, the object is eligible to be garbage-collected out of the lock box.

Looks like you need more memory. By default, the browser prevents JavaScript from making requests across domain boundaries. Case in point, my recent check in, change I want to develop a web application that can use xmondrian in the bckgrnd. MondrianServer] Failed getting connection. Introducing XMondrian I felt the need ,ondrian have a Mondrian.

Roland Bouman’s blog: Need a Mondrian .WAR? Check out XMondrian.

It needs to be repackaged a bit — it still lives within the mondrian codebase, in the mondrian. Javier, I’m sorry man.

Trying url 1 of 1: I’m getting the same error: In the process, I achieved some beneficial side effects. This does work for me. Uncomment init-param as follows: I don’t have plans to add other server features, such as mechanisms to authenticate users or map user names to roles. Here are some instructions for common Java servers:.


Connecting to Pentaho Mondrian | Flexmonster

NET Connecting to a database with. This might have to do with the fact that the Mondrian documentation has not been very well maintained and still refers to the. Virtual file is not readable: Newer Post Older Post Home. The Mondrian project used to make that quite easy, since it shipped a. As a software architect, some of my most interesting work doesn’t deliver any additional functionality to end-users, but reorganizes the architecture to make great things possible in future.

Connecting to Mondrian Server through XMLA

Hello Roland I am very new to this field plz help me out. Or is there any way to create olap cubes here on the web application?

The lock box automatically garbage collects unused objects. Unfortunately, the Mondrian project stopped supporting the.

I have not yet extended olap4j to include them: So, I decided to pack them all in a.