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Do not let metal objects touch the development sleeve. The hook breaks easily. Do not touch the OPC drum. Turn the machine power on. As long as you’re a Premium Member, you can lean on me for additional help with creative ideas of how to close the deal, add additional value with a third party solution, whatever you need in order to help WIN the deal! Entering SP Mode 1. If you’re interested in a lifetime membership please send me an email arthurkpost gmail.

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Turn the drum positioning plate lever [B] and the image transfer unit lock lever [C] counter-clockwise. Ricohh the machine power on. Reattach the hopper cover hook x 3.

If you change the development unit, do the ACC procedure. You must be signed in to continue. Enter the Service Mode. It also lacks a mailbox You must be logged in to post a comment. Ordinarily when you begin encountering color blotches or color back grounding it is a warning that the charge grid and cleaning blade are starting to go bad.


Drum unit [A] and Development Unit [B] 8. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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The machine initializes the developer and resets the PM counter for the developer. When reassembling the PCU: Also it lacks the ability to print files from the flash memory where the majority of our competition can.

Do the ACC procedure. This step removes developer that has stuck to the development roller, which would cause color unevenness. Keep the developer off at both ends of the development unit enclosed in rricoh lines in the diagram. The new drum unit has a front cover and a front joint.

Open the drum positioning plate [D]. Execute the drum phase adjustment with SP twice. Hopper cover [A] 4 hooks Release the three hooks first in the correct order Put the head of a screwdriver in the groove gap [B] as shown, and then release the hook.

Rotate the development roller [A] five or six times in the counterclockwise direction. Remove the bushing [A] of the development roller at the rear of the PCU 6.

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Remove the front joint [A] The front joint [D] is firmly set. If you’re interested in a lifetime membership please mpd2800 me an email arthurkpost gmail. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Majority of print quality problems are related to parts of the drum unit. Leadsevery now and then I’ll get a few leads from across the country, this is due the lead generation site I created and all the blogs I’ve written.


Several suppliers offer up PM products and solutions to renew the drum units although with the buying price of these being reasonably good value, I would incline in the direction of merely replacement of the total unit seeing that it normally requires limited technical expertise compared to recovering it which often can get challenging and messy.

Do not touch the OPC drum. Make sure that the harness [A] is hooked as shown.

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Otherwise, the hopper cover mpc28000 be damaged. Shake a bag of developer and pour it into the development hopper [A]. When you attach the new drum unit to the development unit, remove a front cover and a front joint at first and use them for reassembling the new drum unit and development unit.